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Save time and money by delegating the management of your company, develop your business and your private affairs!

Delegate, Optimize, Expand your business
My Executive Assistant is your partner for perfect day-to-day management of your company.

Company accredited by the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce

They already trust us:

Save time

Our personalized support services save you valuable time.
We take care of your administrative and organizational management, allowing you to concentrate fully on your strategic tasks and the growth of your company with complete confidence.

Save money

Save money by optimizing your time and resources.
Our efficient assistance services enable you to maximize your profits and reduce your administrative costs.
Pay only for the services and hours you need.
Forget payroll charges, indirect costs such as office equipment, sick leave…

Increase your efficiency

Take advantage of My Executive Assistant’s expertise to optimize your efficiency.
We’ll help you with pre-accounting, administrative tasks, event organization, business travel, project management and optimization.
Focusing on your priorities, we plan your activities with precision to create a fluid and productive environment.

Gain confidence

We understand the importance of confidentiality and discretion. You can have complete confidence in our services, as we implement rigorous protocols to ensure that your sensitive information always remains safe from prying eyes. Your peace of mind is our top priority.

Confidentiality & Professionalism: Your trusted partner


Impeccable integrity

My Executive Assistant is committed to discretion and confidentiality, ensuring that every transaction, communication or document is treated with the utmost respect and professionalism.

Total commitment

Our dedication to excellence is second to none. Whether you need executive support or detailed organization, we’re here to help you with precision and diligence.

Relax, you're in good hands

Our priority is to build a relationship of trust with our customers, ensuring total peace of mind when you delegate your business to My Executive Assistant.

Adaptability & Flexibility: Your daily asset


Resilience in the face of challenges

Whatever the challenge, My Executive Assistant adapts and responds to the changing needs of your business or personal life with ease.

Tailor-made services

Our flexible approach guarantees you a personalized service, tailored exactly to your requirements, whether one-off or long-term.

Ready for the unexpected

In business, everything can change in an instant. With our unrivalled adaptability, you can rest assured that we’re always ready to meet your needs and expectations.

Optimization & Savings : Boost Your Performance


Maximize your potential

With My Executive Assistant, you can optimize your tasks and projects, ensuring smooth operations and increased productivity.

Reclaim your precious hours

By entrusting your administrative and executive tasks to us, free up time for what really matters. Focus on your priorities while we take care of the rest.

Guaranteed savings

Reduce your operational costs with our efficient, tailor-made solutions. Invest in the essentials and let us optimize your day-to-day management.

Ready to delegate and focus on what really matters?

Book your appointment now and get the support you need to reach new heights.

Our packages

Administrative assistant

Management of administrative taskss

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Make a one-day commitment

One-off or regular needs

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Personal Assistant

Manage your private affairs

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Executive Assistant

Managing all your company’s tasks

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Custom Package

Choose your services and the number of hours per day/week/month
(Minimum 8 hours).

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Long-term collaboration package

Benefit from a 15% discount on a long collaboration package of at least 6 months.
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Helping managers by freeing up their time, assisting them in complete confidentiality, being available anytime, respecting deadlines and achieving objectives, this is the concept and philosophy of My Executive Assistant.
Remote or at your place.

We help busy entrepreneurs
to develop their business, in complete confidentiality.

“Thanks to My Executive Assistant, I’ve been able to concentrate on the essentials of my business. Their competent, proactive team has really boosted our growth. A real added value!”

Lux N’car Sarl

“My Executive Assistant has become an indispensable partner for me. Their efficient support and understanding of my needs have made all the difference in the development of my company.”

The Event Agency

“I highly recommend My Executive Assistant to all business owners. Their management expertise and tailored service have saved me time and accelerated my success.”


Your Trusted Personal Assistant

Concentrate on the essentials and free yourself from the hassle of managing your private affairs.

Our flexible and proactive management frees you from your personal administration (private e-mails, private diaries), appointment scheduling (doctors, meals, personal care, etc.), office search, vacation, worldwide travel organization, events (dinners, birthday parties, etc.), fleet management and gift buying.

Nadia Boss, Executive Assistant

With My Executive Assistant, you gain more than support – you gain a partner. A partner who anticipates your needs, guides you through the complexities of business and guarantees peace of mind at every stage. As the right-hand man of the executive, we adapt to your specific needs.

Nadia Boss, Your trusted Executive Assistant

Founded by the experienced Nadia BOSS, My Executive Assistant is much more than just an assistance company. It’s the embodiment of a vision where executives, entrepreneurs and family offices move forward with serenity, knowing that every detail is perfectly managed. Nadia has built a team that emphasizes trust and attention to detail, turning every challenge into an opportunity.
With My Executive Assistant, you gain more than support – you gain a partner. A partner who anticipates your needs, guides you through the complexities of business, and guarantees peace of mind every step of the way. Discover a transformative collaboration with us.

Frequently asked questions

A remote executive assistant is a self-employed professional whose areas of expertise vary. She works according to the needs of her clients, providing administrative, commercial and organizational support from a distance or at their place if needed.
Hiring a full-time employee can be expensive due to recruitment costs, salary, social security contributions, and indirect costs such as the purchase of equipment, office space, sick leave…
I’m an independent contractor, which means you only pay for the services and hours you need,
and the work is done on time.
Your company will benefit from my expertise at a fraction of the cost of an employee.

All I need is my computer and an internet connection, and it’s just like being in the office, right next door to you.
Cloud applications such as Google, Sharepoint, Skype or Teams make file sharing and collaboration very easy.
You can also choose to give us access to your internal networks by creating a specific profile for our services.

It’s up to you. We’ll find a solution that delivers optimum results for your business needs.


Let’s talk it over and see if I can help!


Book a free consultation or call me on 00352 691 123 640 or e-mail me at contact@myexecutiveassistant.lu.

Let’s discuss the services you’d like to delegate.

Let us do the rest (after our introductory discussion, you’ll receive a detailed quotation tailored specifically to your needs).

If it’s suitable, you sign the quote, the confidentiality agreement and we can get started as soon as possible.


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